I am a collector of:

Cigar store figures,

ca 1870, Chicago

ca 1875, Detroit

ca 1870, Pennsylvania

figural cast iron, wood, tin

Blinking Eye Clock, ca 1870

Toy Jigger, ca 1865

paintings, drawings and photos

Peaceable Kingdom Isiah, Ohio
ca 1850

Family, ca 1910

toys & banks

Dexter Horse ca 1870

ca 1880-1900

signs & carvings

Detroit Globe Tobacco Sign
ca 1900

"Bellamy" Eagle
Kittery Maine
ca 1895


I have a wide range of interests in the antique and collectibles area--constantly acquiring fresh and old collection items. Not a marketer of made to order new age art. Always interested in new finds, artists, and ideas. I enjoy the unschooled but talented and aesthetic artist who can move a person by their work. I believe period photos are a form of folk art and I am interested in acquiring any depiction, daguerreotype, tin type, ambrotype or photographs of the objects I collect.

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